Corporate Information

Message from the Chairman

Mr. Tevin Vongvanich

Dear Shareholders

This year marked the tragic, massive loss for Thais, with His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej passing away on October 13. The Board of Directors, the executives, and all employees united in mourning and undertook several public service activities under the name of “IRPC collectively mourns His Majesty the late King Bhumibol: Good deeds for our beloved Father” in remembrance of his boundless benevolence. IRPC is committed to maintaining his resolve and adopting his initiatives in the conduct of its business.

This year also marked ongoing resounding success from last year, with Baht 9.721 billion posted in net profit, a 3.4% rise from last year’s Baht 9.402 billion. A major part (Baht 2.311 billion) of this was made by the Everest Project, an ongoing project from last year jointly carried out with a world-class consultant company, designed to comprehensively raise efficiency by calling on everyone’s efforts. It is indeed IRPC’s auspicious 11th year, for we appear to have reached a plateau of healthy profits in the wake of significant leaps in processing efficiency, marketing, innovation, R&D, value addition, knowledge accumulation, and HR development. To the management, the Board has granted its full support so that success may be based on responsibility to shareholders, society, and stakeholders, along with transparency and corporate governance. As far as corporate culture is concerned, we are proceeding from continuous development to further development. IRPC rolled out its i-SPIRIT values last year and began forming a new DNA in each employee late this year to close behavioral gaps hindering maximum efficiency. In other words, strengthening from the inside. We believe this move will take IRPC closer to its vision fulfillment.

Full efforts were made by the Board and its committees in executing their mandates this year. In jointly setting directions and strategies, as well as efficient choice of business issues, all directors applied their capabilities, experience, knowledge, and skills, which abounded in diverse and thorough ways. Equally important, they value business conducted with good governance, anti-corruption, and anti-bribery. Consequently, IRPC stands an excellent chance of sustainable growth. It is a public company dubbed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand “SET Sustainability Investment” securities since ranking began last year. Also, IRPC garnered a special-mention NACC Inteqrity award for 2016, presented by the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. IRPC also extended its support to public-sector initiatives through the “Pracharath Project”, flood victim assistance, and application of 35%-natural rubber polymer innovations to capitalize on natural-rubber oversupply.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to I express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone for their confidence in, support to, and cooperation with IRPC all through the years-the shareholders, customers, business partners, government agencies, academicians, financial institutions, communities, and all employees and executives of IRPC and its affiliates. I salute all employees for their total dedication, which has once again delivered impressive results.

I have every confidence that the preparedness and continuous, earnest all-around development will enable IRPC to grow in the right directions and stand on its feet-whether business, organization health, corporate governance, social responsibility, or corporate citizenship. The sky is the limit for IRPC. The result of your success will doubtlessly multiply the value added for shareholders and returns for stakeholders and Thailand.